Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's official, I'm a country kid

It all started at the start of the year. I was talking to my bestie who lives in WA. She asked me what I was getting up to that day, 'oh I'm going yabbying at a friends dam.' 'Of course you are, you country kid.' I responded with 'You'll know I'm a country kid when I go skiing at the dam.'

So the weekend just past I was initiated into the Country Kid Club. I was skiing at the dam. Starting off with my double ski's with the bar across (what most kids learn with) I got up straight away. I was so proud of myself, considering I had no idea what I was actually doing. It was at that point when I realised I had no idea that I came crashing off. Didn't hurt that bad, win win. Off I went again. This time I made it 4 laps around the res. Rather chuffed indeed. My farmer was proud too then advised that I'm a natural athlete so of course I got it. Hehe.

I'm up!!

Not quite looking like this pro

I'm sure I'll get there soon enough. They took my bar away from me but I still managed to get up. I even tried 1 Ski. Next time maybe, I thought I had been dumped by a wave and was going to drown!!

Until next time,


What is your perfect weekend?

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