Thursday, 6 October 2011

I am getting old

I'm not sure if I am actually getting old or am I maturing, nesting or developing into a beautiful swan? Ok maybe not a beautiful swan but a domestic goddess sounds good.

Domestic goddess is probably a bit rich but I have definitely noticed a change and so has everyone around me. Don't worry it's scaring us all. I'm not even sure why it's happening but I think I can pin it down to these four explanations:
  1. I am actually getting a lot closer to 30 than to 20.
  2. I recently spent 2 weeks with my super organised, a place for everything, everything in it's place, oh no I have 3 pieces of washing in my basket I better do a load mother. Has she finally rubbed off on me?
  3. I also recently lost my father so am I just distracting myself by keeping busy?
  4. Or the fact that I have recently discovered Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman who calls herself an accidental ranch wife. Are we living parallel lives? Maybe not because I didn't follow a boy to the country but I'm pretty sure our lives are very similar. She blogs, she writes cookbooks and she runs a household.

Whatever the reason is I hope that it stays. For example it is 11.30am. I have finished the mornings work, had a coffee with a girlfriend, made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen. I'm loving it!!

I am cooking and cleaning like I never have before. All of my washing is done, house is pretty much spotless and we have never eaten so well. My goal is to be a good lil farm girl (not that I live on a farm) and cook and bake all of my own food from scratch. This might take a little bit of practice and in the meantime I can cook a mean Spag Bol.

I'm being told that I am nesting which is very scary because I'm not even close to having kids. Feel sorry for my housemate who has to live in my nest!! But seriously it feels good to be organised. To know where everything is and it is great for the brain.

Well I guess I best be off and start moving this organisation to my business and getting ready for summer.
Hope I have inspired you just a little.

Do, do, do looking out my backdoor

Luv Kel

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