Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Twenty Eight

That's right on Good Friday I turned 28.

The night before I had some secret squirrel work which I can't tell you about but it involved my lovely mummy who I love oh so much.

Being the baby of the family I always have been spoilt and this birthday was no different. I didn't actually take many shots to every ones surprise but I did have an early birthday present that was delivered, and you wouldn't believe it but the bag just burst open so I had to have a little peek. Thankfully my lovely farmer gave it to me after the bag burst but really I already knew what it was.

Isn't it so pretty?

So after being spoilt by my mummy, bro, farmer and cuzzies I felt like a pretty special thing.

We headed out to the dam for a few nights of camping, skiing, fishing and plenty of drinking. Not so much me, I'm a light weight. It was just great.

Hope you all had a Good Friday, remembered what it was really about, had some choccies and thought of me turning old.

How did you spend your Good Friday?

Kel xoxo.