Thursday, 13 October 2011

The 8 week challenge is my challenge.

I love my job oh so much and I just love changing peoples lives, seeing them happier in themselves and getting slightly jealous by all the cool new clothes they have to buy.

The best way I find for someone to attain their goals is to set them a challenge. Have a date to work towards. A goal is great. I have had a lot of success with Brides to be, why? Because there is a set date that they have to work towards and they get there. They also get to wear a beautiful dress, get totally made up and have professional photographers taking their 'after' shots so they look their best.

I have an 8 week challenge for the town I live in. This challenge is challenging me to get everything sorted before it starts (did I mention having a date to work towards?). My goal is the 21st of October, that's right, 1 week while everyone else's goal is the 17th of December. I can't wait to get started because people have no idea what they can do or achieve until they do something like this and because I think of myself as a 'holistic' trainer, it will be more than just a physical challenge.
My business is called Five Fitness. People always ask me, 'Why 5?' The worst part is that I don't really have an answer but I do like the 5 senses and I believe that to reach your health and fitness goals you need to look at the whole picture.

So this challenge: They will physically be challenged with specific workouts for them plus the added advantage of the existing group fitness timetable for them to completely exploit. I also like this idea because with more exercise comes more calorie burning. They will challenge their eating habits. My philosophy (and every trainer has one) is that when you have your portion sizes under control, you have your calories under control. If you cut your portion sizes in half, you have just cut your calories in half. I get asked if I diet. The answer is a big fat no. Diet is a dirty word to me. I honestly eat all day long. My farmer even got asked once and he just laughed, 'No she doesn't stop eating!' If too much time lapses before I eat again I will fall asleep exhausted. This is not a good thing as a trainer particularly when I'm teaching 3 classes in a day. The only difference with my eating is that I don't eat a roast dinner with every meal. I eat small regular 'meals' and sometimes I only snack and don't eat what some would call lunch or dinner. Breakfast is also the absolute most important meal of the day (and my favourite). They will also be challenged mentally in ways they never thought possible. Your mind is so powerful both in a positive and negative manner. If you have your mind set in a positive frame you can achieve anything. I promise you. Once doubt and disbelief set in you struggle to even get out of bed.

Well talking about it is stressing me even more as I have to get this all onto paper, printed and ready for the seminar. But in reality I can't wait for it to begin and either can the people already signed up. I can't wait for their confidence to grow, their fitness to increase and for the realisation that they are looking their absolute best (or on their way there) just before the dreaded Christmas holiday season.

I can't wait!! If you are thinking about it, do it!!

I hope your motivation just increased, would you like to do it online? Hehe that will be yet another challenge for me, but I'm up for it.

Better go and get organised.


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