Monday, 10 October 2011

My little place of bliss

Mondays are without a doubt my busiest day of the week. I work from 6am (official start) to 7.30pm (official finish) with a couple of hours break in there. Included in this time I teach 3 x Body Combat classes. In other words 3 hours of intense exercise which definitely brings the heart rate up and gets me sweating. After a day like this more poor lil body feels like it has aged a good 50 years.
My feet hurt, my legs hurt and my shoulders can't even lift my arms above my head. But for some strange reason I look forward to my Monday nights. I look forward to limping around the kitchen making my dinner and flopping myself on the couch to inhale my food. I look forward to it because I know what is coming next...

My little place of bliss. If you can't find me on a Monday night, I won't answer my phone it is because I'm usually completely relaxed, sometimes snoozing in my bath. The hottest bath my body can handle and it is pure heaven. I like to stay there until the water goes cool so I have a couple of hours up my sleeve. My poor housemate knocks on the door from time to time just to make sure that I haven't drowned. It is the absolute best way to finish my Mondays. Last night I got to read a bit about Kim Kardashians wedding. Seriously is there anything more educational? But ususally it is a good book.

After this place of bliss I float myself off to bed where I snooze without stirring until my alarm goes off to get ready for my next 6am start. I do have to admit though getting out of bed on Tuesday morning is the hardest part of my week. I swear I could sleep for a week. The best part though is that my muscles don't have that intense soreness. Don't get me wrong they are still sore but in a dull reminder way.

Hope you find your little place of bliss.

Love Kel.

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  1. Maybe your little cousin can find her way to at least one of those classes ;-)