Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The perfect weekend (besides the suspected broken rib...)

I'm an active kind of girl, I'm an outdoorsy kind of girl so being with a farmer and living in the country really kind of suits.

I mentioned that last weekend I was skiing at the dam, well I went one step further this weekend I even camped at the dam (this time it was the big dam).

I have to work until Saturday afternoons and got back into my town at 1pm. Car packed as tightly as it could go and with the inclusion of one cousin we were off. My farmer is a lil bit older than me which means a lot of his mates have children. These were kind of my friend, I mentioned before my group is the young mums, and the males were his friends so it works. I don't have a problem with children at all in fact I absolutely love them but in no way am I ready to have my own yet. I'm not even 30 yet. So 4 families, 1 couple and 2 cousins set out for the camping trip.

It makes me laugh that I'm the city girl but I have been camping numerous times. Obviously we had to buy a new tent because I wasn't really going to cart one over from WA. The funniest part was that most of these country kids and families also had the brand new tents. These guys have boats, ski's, fishing gear, biscuits, wake boards but no tents. Being the last to arrive we were greeted with the fact it had taken most of the families a couple of hours to get there tents going. We have a simple 3 man dome tent easy peasy.

I open the tent and go crazy. Farmer boy grabs the instructions, instructions? I call them destructions. Anyways so he is reading away and I'm just putting this tent together next thing you know? It's done. Keep reading those instructions Gol, hehe. He was good for hammering in the pegs though, credit where credit is due. City girl 1, Farmer boy 0.

In reality I love camping. I don't know what it is about a small sheet of fabric between you and the outside world but I love it, and it's not too expensive.

Killing a spider, love it.

The suspected broken rib...
Gol and I went for a ski at the same time behind the boat (vomit I know), he was trying to talk to me, I was telling him 'Don't talk to me,' seriously I learn last weekend, do you really think I'm up for a chat while trying to stay above the water. Well Mr Professional thought it was great splashing me, zooming around the boat then when he was done, oh he just let go and sailed into the water. Me on the other hand had no warning, the boat slowed down to avoid my rope getting caught up in his rope and all I could do was plough into the water heavy and hard. So I'm not sure if it's broken but push ups and crunches are impossible for me at the moment, my ribs on each side of the cage feel different but in reality I have never actually compared them before so who knows?

Well I guess I'll let you know when I do.

In better times, hehe.

What a view?

It was still the perfect weekend. Off to the dam this weekend too (fishing this time, I heard it's safer).

Until next time,

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