Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Country Living,

You have got to take the good with the bad and unfortunately sometimes the ugly.

I'm not sure if you checked out Sunrise or the Today show last week. If you did, yes that small country town in western New South Wales where the man died while breaking into a house or retrieving his football was in fact my town. I can't believe that it made national and even international news. Don't ask me what the true full story is. I don't think we'll ever know but the rumor mill did go wild. It was quite exciting at times, heading to work and starting with, 'What have you heard now?' But it was definitely ugly.

What I can tell you from my experience, on Thursday morning my ususal group personal training girls weren't heading into The Studio in fact they were huddling around a car. I have to be honest I'm a bit of a Triple J girl and it hadn't reached their news yet. It had reached the local station which was telling us that something creepy had happened in Narromine. When they finally got inside they told me that a man had died last night while breaking into a house. Whatever the story actually is, three Chinese national men entered their house they were renting and restrained this man. While restraining him, he died.

So I was receiving text messages from my family and friends telling me that my little country town was on the national news, 'What the?' Even though this town is fairly small with 3,500 residents. This happened nowhere near me. In the city it would've been in the same suburb so it would've been virtually next door but here, if it doesn't happen in your street, it happened nowhere near you. Funny that way but it was definitely not near me. Everything was going fine for me and I didn't really think about it again until that night. When I was driving from The Studio to the USMC (United Services Memorial Club) I hit the main street (The main) where a public order and riot squad van was lapping the main. This freaked me out. I wanted to vomit, now I was getting scared. Tensions were high in town but there was a rumor flying that car loads of people were heading in from Bourke (where the indigenous man who died was from) and were going to take revenge for the death. Rumors were circling that they were going to burn the house down. Apparently that is common.

So Friday was a fairly normal day but quiet. Everyone did what they needed to and headed home. I had visions of a full blown riot on the main (it has happened before while I have been here) but no. I headed off to work Saturday morning and that house had been burnt out. It was an old fibro house, it was standing but that was it. The strangest thing was that there was still washing on the line???
So the Chinese nationals were no where to be found, they were gone from town but the house was lit anyway, they were only renting the house but the house was lit anyway. I personally just don't get it. I understand that you are upset with the loss of a loved one but I still don't get it. This is what I'm referring to as the ugly. I just don't get it.

Well I better finish that rant there.

Saturday I was receiving text messages from my big bro, telling me that my town I live in is too rough and it's time to move back to Perth. Sorry Beau, maybe next time, hehe.

Love Kel

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  1. I like the the Brenno's advert on the front page of the paper though....nice touch :)