Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My first photo shoot

Oh I feel like such a big girl, hehe. I have recently finished my Shoot by design course which has taught me so much about taking a good picture and how to use my camera so I highly recommend that you do this course if you receive a SLR camera.

I asked a friend if I could come over to shoot her children (umm like take photo's).

3 elements to make a good photoshoot:
1. Early morning light. I love that kids get up so early.
2. A brand new cubby house to play with.
3. 3 gorgeous children.

Here are some pics for you.

So I better shoot off and give these images to their mummy. Beautiful family.

Hope you enjoy them, please feel free to give me some feedback.

Thanks, Kel.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Mates


It's just two mates and good times. I love these guys.


Playing along here.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Remembrance II

Here I am again. Talking about remembrance.

I had a great week last week. Just had such a good vibe and everything was going along relatively smoothly. I knew Dad was around. He lets me know he is there. We he had just passed I needed a little bit of time for myself. I headed off for a walk, this might have been to purchase more chocolate... I needed it, anyways I popped my iPod on and a song was cued ready to go. The weirdest part of this is that I use my iPod all the time for music in my sessions. I had just flown from Dubbo to Perth so had been listening to music but I never wait for a song to finish, I just stop the music when I need to so the fact that a song was cued ready to go was weird enough, then I listened to the first line.

Have a listen Lisa Mitchell, See you when you get here.

It could be a bit morbid when you listen to the first line, especially after just losing your Dad.

'How do you feel about being dead? Said one to the other.
How do you feel about being lonely? Said one to the other.
She said darlin, darlin it's alright. She said darlin, darlin it's ok.
But I'll see you when you get here.'

This song gave me a great amount of comfort. Like my Dad just came to let me know he is ok. So last week while my iPod was on random, this song played quite a few times so I knew he was around. It works both ways when I want him to be around I play the song for a special moment.

I was surprised last Tuesday night. I arrived home to have found a beautiful daisy bush on my doorstep. My favourite flower is the daisy, it always has been (what can I say? I'm a girl of expensive tastes). My mum had organised the local nursery to deliver me a remembrance tree so I have a little space that I can spend with Dad, and I want to share it with you.

A little Daisy

For my Daddy little legs

Oh and look who decided she needed to be in the shot

Oh Bella

The funniest part of mum getting me a daisy bush to remember Dad is that it actually brings back another memory. Growing up we had a puppy dog called Marlee (and yes she had the exact same personality as Marley & Me). After mum and dad split she went to live with Dad on a semi rural property so all of a sudden, no fences!! She ran amok and when people would come over apparently she would bite them all (what did he do to her?). She ran out on the road following my brother and was hit by a car. When Dad buried her he told me to pick a plant we would plant on her 'grave' surprise, surprise I chose a Daisy bush. As Dad was planting it a bee stung him so he would say that she finally bit him.

Oh I have the best parents in the world.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Millthorpe Markets Weekend

Millthorpe is a beautiful little town just out of Orange in NSW.

The weekend just past the local school held a market a big market. People travelled to get there and see what was going on. Farmer's parents make beautiful liqueur and fruit cakes. They held a stall to sell their Christmas cakes right before Christmas and almost sold out. I headed along as 'construction crew,' they hire me for my muscle hehe. Farmer was harvesting so it was just his parents and me. They are a great couple and so easy to talk to, I had a great weekend with them. I totally forget that they are his parents and not just my friends so I chatter on non stop with them (I can tell you are surprised here). I took a lot of pics because I'm always experimenting and getting to know how to take pictures so it was a little photo shoot and some pics for Farmer's sister.

Up at dawn to get to the market to set up. A quick dawn photo shoot was in order. 

Roses have been my theme in my Shoot by Design course. 

Off to market. I love a spot of bunting. 

Rich fruit cake, ready to sell. 

A gentle hand to beautifully decorate these cakes. 

More bunting. 

By the end of the day the stall saw a few more empty spaces. 

One of my favourites. 

Available in a range of sizes.

While they were busy selling away I was busy shopping away with some great bargains. A couple of friends travelled from our town to have a look so I got to shop away with them and even have a peruse down at the town.

It is funny because I'm a trainer by trade people think of it as a conflict of interest helping out with the cake stall but I just say portion control (I might have to work on that one), plenty of exercise and enjoy the cake.

Enjoy your Christmas cake but I highly recommend you have one of these ones.


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Hello Harvest.

It rained and it will rain again.

I have learnt a lot in my last 12 months of living in the country. A country town is very supportive of their farmers and I guess this could be because most of the people who shop, buy, eat, socialise in the town are in some way attached to a farming company. Everyone feels it and no one talks about it when it rains.

Farmers love rain, but only at certain times of the year. When the crop is sown or is growing, rain is liquid gold or as I learnt when I was in Ireland, liquid sunshine. Rain at this time of year means more crop, more to harvest and more money. I actually learnt to real meaning as to why farmers love the rain at this time of the year, it means days off work, counter lunches (lunches at the pub with other farmers who also have nothing to do) and a big old yarn about crop. Luckily I also get to experience this because I generally have time off during the day so I also love a bit of rain.

Unfortunately when it is time to harvest the crop, rain is the worst thing you could imagine. And here for the second year running it has rained at harvest time. This is Australia in November/December and it's rain, what the? Harvest gets put off, the grade of the grain gets lowered and sometimes those grains get shot and sprung. This means this grain is only good for animal feed.

Right at harvest it rained and it rained. The crop grade has lowered but at the moment the rain has lifted. Tomorrow though, it is due to rain again. Hoping the crop can get off before the rain.

Lesson learnt, don't mention politics, religion or the rain.

 Rain, rain, rain.

More poor roses. 

When it was all over, a beautiful light.

Hope you're weather has been better than mine.