Saturday, 9 March 2013

And then Stella got her groove back

Well when I say Stella I really mean Kel. And that's me. I got my groove back and it feels so good and I feel so organised and I don't feel like I'm treading water anymore 'Just keep swimming, just keep swimming'.

In general I think I'm turning more into a hippy every day. I'm not talking Woodstock (even though I would have LOVED to have been there). I'm talking Earth Mumma. I'm loving the nature and my whole world is loving it too.

So what has been going on you ask?

Well I was homeless for a while. This might be a slight over exaggeration (hold on, I sound like my mother), I wasn't really homeless I guess I was more roomless but not in a I don't have anywhere to sleep way more in a housesitting, staying in spare rooms, staying in cousins bedroom while he is overseas way. I have loved the time, the experience and the financial freedom but it was time to settle and pull my lovely desktop computer out and actually do some work.

So how did I become homeless you ask (total exaggeration again)? I just couldn't decide. I was looking to buy, I was looking to rent in town but I just couldn't decide. I couldn't decide what budget I wanted, I couldn't decide when to get pre-approval, I couldn't decide how I was going to go about it.
Then I found a house I loved. I wasn't sure about the area, lets be honest in my town some areas are better than others (when I say areas I mean streets). Anyways I loved it. It had a magnificent kitchen and a room I could teach Pilates out of, oh my win, win for me. So when deciding whether I should put an offer in subject to sale or wait for pre approval it sold :(. Big sad face for me, I loved the house the first one I loved so it made me make some decisions.

Decision 1:
Wait. Wait until you decide what you WANT to do. What do I want? I don't even know. Do I want a small mortgage with a sweet little 'do me up'? I don't know but I do like the sound of the small mortgage. Do I want to wait to see if an established home comes on the market with a magnificent kitchen and a Pilates room in my budget? I don't know but I do know if I wait until next financial year, my budget is increased. Do I want to build? I would love to but do I want to wait 12 months for a home? I don't know. I could build an open plan home though with a Pilates area...

Decision 2:
Board. I decided not to rent as 1. There aren't many rentals in town and 2. I don't want a lease because as mentioned earlier, I don't know what I'm doing. So in the meantime I have moved permanently into a friends spare room and my computer is set up in the office with internet, Yay!!! It works well I'm home when he's not, he is home when I'm not we don't get into each others way.

Decision 3:
Get organised. Get your diary organised, get your paperwork organised and get it physically organised so you can find everything. It feels so good and I can handle my workload so much easier (and it's big but thats ok, I work well under pressure).

Decision 4:
Become Earth Mumma. When I say Earth Mumma I don't mean that I live in a commune or that I smoke any form or drug or other smoking substance. I mean eating from the Earth. Eating wholefoods and super foods because they are super (man I'm funny), but seriously eating as clean as you possibly can which is as easy as exchanging this for that. That it all, that is it.
I'm investing in a Thermomix. Have you heard of one? I like to call them the most magical machine in the world. I say investing because when you see the price you will understand but... It will cook my dinner, it will mill my flour for me and for someone who should really be eating a gluten free lifestyle this will make it all the easier, it will mince my meat for me, I love our local butchers as I know that when we buy beef it is so close to fresh that it is virtually still mooing. They buy from the closest beef sales which are just down the road and when they tell me I could have my meat in the fridge for 1.5 weeks and it will still be good, well this gets me excited, but I do want to use a good cut of meat for my mince. You don't really know what cut goes into your pre-minced meat. It will knead dough for me, this is possibly one of the most exciting things for me. Friday home made pizzas, oh my. Finally it will poach eggs and make hollandaise sauce ALL at the same time.
I am also becoming a consultant because let's be honest, I'm already selling them anyway.

So as I head into this next phase I'm excited, I'm happy and I'm GROOVY!!

Here are some shots of what I have been up to, enjoy.

My mum has one of those cameras, BOOM, Pose.

Our 'Christmas' break up at lawn bowls. It was hot!!

Our little superstar Lochie with his bowl. This kid is amazing.

The Dingo

Crazy cousins

Offensive but yes I do like the shot.
Princess who? Look at you with dark hair!!

The shyest children in the world!!

The newest member of the family. You should see home now.

One of the craziest weekends of my life. I'll post about that another day.

Very rare view for me. The ocean from my table.

Visiting the ancestors.

Kel xx