Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Wedding

At the moment I'm averaging 1 blog post per week so let's just say I'm on fire. Don't worry it's not due to a lack of good times I've been having, maybe too many.

Wednesday at 5am we left our sleepy little town and headed on our mammoth 16hr drive to Penola SA. The drive time was only 13 hours but we thought, why not let's stop and check some places out. This post is all about the wedding so you will only see pics from the wedding here. I promise I'll post another one this week.

The beautiful couple are Edo & Kirst. They got engaged when I first met the farmer and soon after we headed to Melbourne to go and visit them. Obviously it was a great chance for me to meet them. They are a pretty easy going couple which suits me to a T. I absolutely could not wait for their wedding. They are so country and city inspired that I knew a great mix was going to be made. This wedding was a black tie event. I don't think I have been to a 'black tie dress' wedding before so it made the full length dress seem more appropriate.

The reception was held at Kalangadoo house. A beautiful big ol' limestone house with fantastic grounds. I loved that the wedding party had all of their photos done on the grounds so we could have a sticky.

It was an epic day, I snapped away but didn't do too well if I was the official wedding photographer. It was a great experience for me though and I can't wait to one day being someones official wedding photographer.

Disclaimer: Some of these pics were shot by the lovely Katie, obviously the ones I'm in and some others. I think you'll pick our different styles.

The morning of the wedding. Not looking stressed at all.

We got to be on hand to help these boys get organised. Nearly forgot the button holes but got there in the end.

Best man, Paul Kelly. I couldn't even make that up.

Gol and the groomsmen in their tails.

Kirst and her bro. She's like me, she misses her Daddy.
(pic by Katie)

Some wedding pics and my poor boyfriend looking for me.

The details

He found me.

The wedding party pics.

I like to call it the scattering of the wedding party.

Someones getting a little too comfortable in front of the camera.

Rules are meant to be broken and I'm loving this over exposure.

Oh hello there groover.

I love capturing a moment.

This is us.

Our good friends, Ben and Katie.

I love a sun flare. What made this better is that it covered up the frog face Ben was pulling.

Pic by Katie

The end of the night. Spot the feral.

It was a great night. Thank you guys for having us there and we really did love every minute.

Love Kel