Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's official, I'm a country kid

It all started at the start of the year. I was talking to my bestie who lives in WA. She asked me what I was getting up to that day, 'oh I'm going yabbying at a friends dam.' 'Of course you are, you country kid.' I responded with 'You'll know I'm a country kid when I go skiing at the dam.'

So the weekend just past I was initiated into the Country Kid Club. I was skiing at the dam. Starting off with my double ski's with the bar across (what most kids learn with) I got up straight away. I was so proud of myself, considering I had no idea what I was actually doing. It was at that point when I realised I had no idea that I came crashing off. Didn't hurt that bad, win win. Off I went again. This time I made it 4 laps around the res. Rather chuffed indeed. My farmer was proud too then advised that I'm a natural athlete so of course I got it. Hehe.

I'm up!!

Not quite looking like this pro

I'm sure I'll get there soon enough. They took my bar away from me but I still managed to get up. I even tried 1 Ski. Next time maybe, I thought I had been dumped by a wave and was going to drown!!

Until next time,


What is your perfect weekend?

Monday, 24 October 2011

And then it was 6 months

Everyone says that time flies when you're having fun and I completely agree. The last 6 months have absolutely flown by but at the same time I feel like we have been together for a lifetime.

I don't say much about this subject but this is kind of a tribute I guess to my farmer.

Easter Saturday was the day that we met. It was the Tomingley Picnic races (Tomingley is about a 30min drive from Narromine) and I was taking social pics for one of the local papers. I had never used a DSLR camera before so I had no idea what I was doing, let's just say the paper didn't choose me due to my photo taking ability. I had just moved in with my housemate who I had befriended 5 months earlier and together we headed to the races. My farmer was her friend. One of her ex's best friends to be exact so after a bit of an awkward moment I was introduced to Golly. Apparently out here Golly means a spit as in hocking up a Golly but I had no idea and just thought it was an awfully strange nickname. Anyways, hi Golly. Hi I'm Andrew was his repsonse. So I took a photo of him and his friend Kristy and they realised I had no idea what I was doing. Nothing but professional I was asking, Do you know how to zoom this? Oh well I'll just take it portrait.
Later on I bumped into Golly again and we just hit it off straight away. It's funny how these things happen, I was single for 2.5 years before this moment and this moment just changed everything. Speaking to one of Gol's mates girlfriends later and she had no idea we had just met. She thought we had known each other for a while so I guess that's just an insight into our crazy connection.
What were my first thoughts?
I was completely drawn to him. I guess I don't really have a 'type' physically but he was tall and I like tall. He was wearing a shirt and pants that were about 4 sizes too big for him so I had no idea what he actually looked like under those clothes. Was he skinny? Was he musclely? Was he chubby? Absolutely no idea.
The day continued and more drinks were consumed, as I said the picture of professionalism I was. Can you please hold my vodka while I take a picture? By the way the pictures turned out beautifully if I don't say so myself.
After the races everyone headed to the Tomingley pub where we had dinner and guess who I found seated next to me? We chatted away just the two of us then hit the dancefloor. The rest as they say is history.

The night we met. Taken with his phone.

It has been 6 months now, we have no idea where this might lead but for now I have a good feeling.

6 months later.

Love Kel.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Country Living,

You have got to take the good with the bad and unfortunately sometimes the ugly.

I'm not sure if you checked out Sunrise or the Today show last week. If you did, yes that small country town in western New South Wales where the man died while breaking into a house or retrieving his football was in fact my town. I can't believe that it made national and even international news. Don't ask me what the true full story is. I don't think we'll ever know but the rumor mill did go wild. It was quite exciting at times, heading to work and starting with, 'What have you heard now?' But it was definitely ugly.

What I can tell you from my experience, on Thursday morning my ususal group personal training girls weren't heading into The Studio in fact they were huddling around a car. I have to be honest I'm a bit of a Triple J girl and it hadn't reached their news yet. It had reached the local station which was telling us that something creepy had happened in Narromine. When they finally got inside they told me that a man had died last night while breaking into a house. Whatever the story actually is, three Chinese national men entered their house they were renting and restrained this man. While restraining him, he died.

So I was receiving text messages from my family and friends telling me that my little country town was on the national news, 'What the?' Even though this town is fairly small with 3,500 residents. This happened nowhere near me. In the city it would've been in the same suburb so it would've been virtually next door but here, if it doesn't happen in your street, it happened nowhere near you. Funny that way but it was definitely not near me. Everything was going fine for me and I didn't really think about it again until that night. When I was driving from The Studio to the USMC (United Services Memorial Club) I hit the main street (The main) where a public order and riot squad van was lapping the main. This freaked me out. I wanted to vomit, now I was getting scared. Tensions were high in town but there was a rumor flying that car loads of people were heading in from Bourke (where the indigenous man who died was from) and were going to take revenge for the death. Rumors were circling that they were going to burn the house down. Apparently that is common.

So Friday was a fairly normal day but quiet. Everyone did what they needed to and headed home. I had visions of a full blown riot on the main (it has happened before while I have been here) but no. I headed off to work Saturday morning and that house had been burnt out. It was an old fibro house, it was standing but that was it. The strangest thing was that there was still washing on the line???
So the Chinese nationals were no where to be found, they were gone from town but the house was lit anyway, they were only renting the house but the house was lit anyway. I personally just don't get it. I understand that you are upset with the loss of a loved one but I still don't get it. This is what I'm referring to as the ugly. I just don't get it.

Well I better finish that rant there.

Saturday I was receiving text messages from my big bro, telling me that my town I live in is too rough and it's time to move back to Perth. Sorry Beau, maybe next time, hehe.

Love Kel

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The 8 week challenge is my challenge.

I love my job oh so much and I just love changing peoples lives, seeing them happier in themselves and getting slightly jealous by all the cool new clothes they have to buy.

The best way I find for someone to attain their goals is to set them a challenge. Have a date to work towards. A goal is great. I have had a lot of success with Brides to be, why? Because there is a set date that they have to work towards and they get there. They also get to wear a beautiful dress, get totally made up and have professional photographers taking their 'after' shots so they look their best.

I have an 8 week challenge for the town I live in. This challenge is challenging me to get everything sorted before it starts (did I mention having a date to work towards?). My goal is the 21st of October, that's right, 1 week while everyone else's goal is the 17th of December. I can't wait to get started because people have no idea what they can do or achieve until they do something like this and because I think of myself as a 'holistic' trainer, it will be more than just a physical challenge.
My business is called Five Fitness. People always ask me, 'Why 5?' The worst part is that I don't really have an answer but I do like the 5 senses and I believe that to reach your health and fitness goals you need to look at the whole picture.

So this challenge: They will physically be challenged with specific workouts for them plus the added advantage of the existing group fitness timetable for them to completely exploit. I also like this idea because with more exercise comes more calorie burning. They will challenge their eating habits. My philosophy (and every trainer has one) is that when you have your portion sizes under control, you have your calories under control. If you cut your portion sizes in half, you have just cut your calories in half. I get asked if I diet. The answer is a big fat no. Diet is a dirty word to me. I honestly eat all day long. My farmer even got asked once and he just laughed, 'No she doesn't stop eating!' If too much time lapses before I eat again I will fall asleep exhausted. This is not a good thing as a trainer particularly when I'm teaching 3 classes in a day. The only difference with my eating is that I don't eat a roast dinner with every meal. I eat small regular 'meals' and sometimes I only snack and don't eat what some would call lunch or dinner. Breakfast is also the absolute most important meal of the day (and my favourite). They will also be challenged mentally in ways they never thought possible. Your mind is so powerful both in a positive and negative manner. If you have your mind set in a positive frame you can achieve anything. I promise you. Once doubt and disbelief set in you struggle to even get out of bed.

Well talking about it is stressing me even more as I have to get this all onto paper, printed and ready for the seminar. But in reality I can't wait for it to begin and either can the people already signed up. I can't wait for their confidence to grow, their fitness to increase and for the realisation that they are looking their absolute best (or on their way there) just before the dreaded Christmas holiday season.

I can't wait!! If you are thinking about it, do it!!

I hope your motivation just increased, would you like to do it online? Hehe that will be yet another challenge for me, but I'm up for it.

Better go and get organised.


Monday, 10 October 2011

My little place of bliss

Mondays are without a doubt my busiest day of the week. I work from 6am (official start) to 7.30pm (official finish) with a couple of hours break in there. Included in this time I teach 3 x Body Combat classes. In other words 3 hours of intense exercise which definitely brings the heart rate up and gets me sweating. After a day like this more poor lil body feels like it has aged a good 50 years.
My feet hurt, my legs hurt and my shoulders can't even lift my arms above my head. But for some strange reason I look forward to my Monday nights. I look forward to limping around the kitchen making my dinner and flopping myself on the couch to inhale my food. I look forward to it because I know what is coming next...

My little place of bliss. If you can't find me on a Monday night, I won't answer my phone it is because I'm usually completely relaxed, sometimes snoozing in my bath. The hottest bath my body can handle and it is pure heaven. I like to stay there until the water goes cool so I have a couple of hours up my sleeve. My poor housemate knocks on the door from time to time just to make sure that I haven't drowned. It is the absolute best way to finish my Mondays. Last night I got to read a bit about Kim Kardashians wedding. Seriously is there anything more educational? But ususally it is a good book.

After this place of bliss I float myself off to bed where I snooze without stirring until my alarm goes off to get ready for my next 6am start. I do have to admit though getting out of bed on Tuesday morning is the hardest part of my week. I swear I could sleep for a week. The best part though is that my muscles don't have that intense soreness. Don't get me wrong they are still sore but in a dull reminder way.

Hope you find your little place of bliss.

Love Kel.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Loves a random bogan weekend

I love wandering into my weekend with no plans. This weekend was no different. I had absolutely nothing planned except my work Saturday morning. As a side note can I just suggest that working out Saturday morning is the best way to start your weekend. Give it a try and tell me how you go.

So after work my farmer and I head to the closest big town Dubbo. It is great to have this town so close by. It has everything that you need. Maybe not everything that you want but definitely everything you need. So after a spot of shopping (my favourite sport) we caught up with some friends for lunch at a local pub which turned into the random weekend.

One invite turned into another next thing we know, it's a BBQ at my place!! It wasn't a big night but I just love that we had friends over who were in town doing there grocery shopping. Cricket had finished so another mate made his way over. It wasn't planned but it was a nice little Saturday night. Good friends, good food, good times.

After the best sleep ever (I only got out of bed 3 hours ago and it's 3pm) it's time for my bogan part of the weekend. This could be why I chose this moment to blog. But seriously I am the daughter of a bogan. I speak the language. I don't mind getting my bogan on from time to time and today is one of those times. It is the Bathurst 1000. Not sure if you have heard of this event but I have always known about it. So what I know about it is that all the cars are V8's and all Holden and Fords.
Huge rivalry between the Holden and Ford supporters. My farmer is a Ford fan with his XR8 Ute. I like to call it the Gol mobile but in his mind it's gotta be a Ute and more importantly its gotta a V8. It's hard for me because my whole life has been Holden, Holden, Holden. Dad had his Holden SS which I liked to call his Bogan mobile, especially when I had to drive it to work when I broke my leg, and my bro with his Holden SS Ute. I'm not sure who I am going for but I love an underdog and the underdog this year is definitely the Ford.

I do have more interest in this race this year though. While driving home from Sydney when I had only just moved to the East and we passed through Bathurst. Because I had never been around Mount Panorama we went for a lap around. Granted our lap was at 60km/h and is highly patrolled by, wait for it, the highway patrol but I did get to see it and now I can tell everyone watching that 'I've been around that track'. 

Well I guess I better go and go bogan. Me with my black straight leg jeans teamed with thongs and Farmer with his ACDC shirt. We make a great pair.

Love Kel

Thursday, 6 October 2011

I am getting old

I'm not sure if I am actually getting old or am I maturing, nesting or developing into a beautiful swan? Ok maybe not a beautiful swan but a domestic goddess sounds good.

Domestic goddess is probably a bit rich but I have definitely noticed a change and so has everyone around me. Don't worry it's scaring us all. I'm not even sure why it's happening but I think I can pin it down to these four explanations:
  1. I am actually getting a lot closer to 30 than to 20.
  2. I recently spent 2 weeks with my super organised, a place for everything, everything in it's place, oh no I have 3 pieces of washing in my basket I better do a load mother. Has she finally rubbed off on me?
  3. I also recently lost my father so am I just distracting myself by keeping busy?
  4. Or the fact that I have recently discovered Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman who calls herself an accidental ranch wife. Are we living parallel lives? Maybe not because I didn't follow a boy to the country but I'm pretty sure our lives are very similar. She blogs, she writes cookbooks and she runs a household.

Whatever the reason is I hope that it stays. For example it is 11.30am. I have finished the mornings work, had a coffee with a girlfriend, made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen. I'm loving it!!

I am cooking and cleaning like I never have before. All of my washing is done, house is pretty much spotless and we have never eaten so well. My goal is to be a good lil farm girl (not that I live on a farm) and cook and bake all of my own food from scratch. This might take a little bit of practice and in the meantime I can cook a mean Spag Bol.

I'm being told that I am nesting which is very scary because I'm not even close to having kids. Feel sorry for my housemate who has to live in my nest!! But seriously it feels good to be organised. To know where everything is and it is great for the brain.

Well I guess I best be off and start moving this organisation to my business and getting ready for summer.
Hope I have inspired you just a little.

Do, do, do looking out my backdoor

Luv Kel

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

To Blog

So I have been playing around with the idea to blog, I guess this is me getting started. I have a Tumblr account linked here which is really telling everyone how I got to be this Accidental Country Girl, but now I want to take it a step further and let you know what's going on out in my adventure land.

I'll give you a bit of info about me.
I grew up in suburbia of Perth WA. Everything I knew, all my immediate family and my best friends have all been left behind. I have worked as a personal trainer for the past 6 years and absolutely love my work so when an opportunity came along to work in fitness in this country town I jumped at it.
Thankfully I do have some family here and I think that makes a huge difference. I haven't been awfully homesick since I got here and I think that is why, this could also have something to do with the fact that since I moved here I have been super busy the whole time. This is just me. Always busy and if I have a free moment I like to fill it up, note the blog.

I'm dating a beautiful country boy who I absolutely love to pieces. He is actually a farmer so I get to learn lots and lots about crops, syphoning and all other country/farm stuff which I will be passing on. We all need to know this information.

I guess that hardest part of this whole move is getting used to a small town on the other side of the country.
1. Everyone knows everything. This has not been a bad thing for me because when you are starting a business it is fantastic for everyone to be spreading your name. Not that I mind, but everyone knew my farmer and me were a couple before we did (well obviously not quite) but that was definitely something I was not used to.
2. The language barrier. I know it's hard to believe but I will keep you updated with this one, Righto!!
3. Finding a group of friends. I absolutely love the young mum crew. They are my circle even though I won't be ready for kiddies for a few years yet, I love playing with them too.

Well this is just a start and I feel it will be a fantastic relationship.