Saturday, 8 October 2011

Loves a random bogan weekend

I love wandering into my weekend with no plans. This weekend was no different. I had absolutely nothing planned except my work Saturday morning. As a side note can I just suggest that working out Saturday morning is the best way to start your weekend. Give it a try and tell me how you go.

So after work my farmer and I head to the closest big town Dubbo. It is great to have this town so close by. It has everything that you need. Maybe not everything that you want but definitely everything you need. So after a spot of shopping (my favourite sport) we caught up with some friends for lunch at a local pub which turned into the random weekend.

One invite turned into another next thing we know, it's a BBQ at my place!! It wasn't a big night but I just love that we had friends over who were in town doing there grocery shopping. Cricket had finished so another mate made his way over. It wasn't planned but it was a nice little Saturday night. Good friends, good food, good times.

After the best sleep ever (I only got out of bed 3 hours ago and it's 3pm) it's time for my bogan part of the weekend. This could be why I chose this moment to blog. But seriously I am the daughter of a bogan. I speak the language. I don't mind getting my bogan on from time to time and today is one of those times. It is the Bathurst 1000. Not sure if you have heard of this event but I have always known about it. So what I know about it is that all the cars are V8's and all Holden and Fords.
Huge rivalry between the Holden and Ford supporters. My farmer is a Ford fan with his XR8 Ute. I like to call it the Gol mobile but in his mind it's gotta be a Ute and more importantly its gotta a V8. It's hard for me because my whole life has been Holden, Holden, Holden. Dad had his Holden SS which I liked to call his Bogan mobile, especially when I had to drive it to work when I broke my leg, and my bro with his Holden SS Ute. I'm not sure who I am going for but I love an underdog and the underdog this year is definitely the Ford.

I do have more interest in this race this year though. While driving home from Sydney when I had only just moved to the East and we passed through Bathurst. Because I had never been around Mount Panorama we went for a lap around. Granted our lap was at 60km/h and is highly patrolled by, wait for it, the highway patrol but I did get to see it and now I can tell everyone watching that 'I've been around that track'. 

Well I guess I better go and go bogan. Me with my black straight leg jeans teamed with thongs and Farmer with his ACDC shirt. We make a great pair.

Love Kel

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