Wednesday, 16 November 2011

And then it was 12 months

No we haven't time warped forward a few months. This is my 12 months. My anniversary.

12 months ago today I arrived in this little country town called Narromine. A complete city girl and beach girl to a tiny little country town... What the? You weren't allowed to mention the beach to me, this would cause me to tear up (I'm not even joking), and my mission was to find or start a DF, Dance Floor, one of my favourite places to be.

So what has happened in the last year?
I started my business
I've made a heap of new friends
I wormed my way into a family, hello Brennans
I moved out
I met a boy
I've flown back to Perth 3 times and spent more weeks there than planned
I lost my Dad
I missed my family
I missed my friends
I took lots of photos
I've had an amazing time

I think I might stay.

My year in pictures

Can you see the progression?

I wouldn't have this life any other way.

Luv The Accidental Country Girl xoxo


  1. I love having you here, and I love that photo of us! What a great night we had xx

  2. How lucky for me that this post was number two on your list. It's a fast 'get to know you' kind of post! x