Monday, 7 November 2011

The Chookies Got Evicted

I'm not a huge fan of birds and chickens. I think it stems back to my first primary school I attended, Mullaloo Heights Primary School. They had these big, big trees that magpies absolutely loved. Loved so much that when 'maggie season' was on you couldn't go anywhere without being swooped. I remember leaving year one and having to sprint to my parents. Every so often though, down I would go. One particular memory is of me running to my Dad's car, he obviously saw a magpie eyeing me off and started running straight toward me. He didn't get there in time and I was swooped, crying, grazed knee and all. So he picked me up and carried me to the car (I was only 5 by the way) and he kept a drop of my blood on his work boot for years before he got another pair. I wonder if he ever had memories of that day when he put his boot on in the morning?

Back to the story, not a fan of things flying close to my head. But my heart changed when I got to know the chooks. We had a great relationship because I would help feed and water them and they would produce me some eggs, umm win, win. There was even a day when Bella decided to let them out so she could eat their food and I had to somehow coax these birds back into their pen, they certainly preferred the free range life that's for sure. So they have provided entertainment too. Not so much for me, more for others!!

My housie and I rent so we don't get the final say in our lives, which kind of sucks but comes with the territory. Needless to say the chooks got kicked out. They had to move. The owners wouldn't let us keep them, on the plus side we get to keep Bella which would be a lot worse getting rid of (I'm secretly plotting to steal said Bella when my housie and me split).

Below is a photo shoot I did with the lovely ladies. I had just got my camera so forgive the 'snaps' but I knew they were having to go.

Hello ladies

Eggs, glorious eggs.

Check out this lil fancy pants.

Well the girls are gone, hopefully I'm not going to have to buy my eggs. I'll miss that bright yellow yolk. Soon enough I'll have my own!!

Love Kel.


  1. So did you cook the chooks?? Hahaha

  2. You are horrible. Like I could see you plucking a chook. Gross.