Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My first photo shoot

Oh I feel like such a big girl, hehe. I have recently finished my Shoot by design course which has taught me so much about taking a good picture and how to use my camera so I highly recommend that you do this course if you receive a SLR camera.

I asked a friend if I could come over to shoot her children (umm like take photo's).

3 elements to make a good photoshoot:
1. Early morning light. I love that kids get up so early.
2. A brand new cubby house to play with.
3. 3 gorgeous children.

Here are some pics for you.

So I better shoot off and give these images to their mummy. Beautiful family.

Hope you enjoy them, please feel free to give me some feedback.

Thanks, Kel.


  1. You are getting so good Kelli! Cute kids :)

  2. They are too cute. I'm hanging to shoot your family!!