Wednesday, 11 January 2012

And I'm back

So after 2 weeks away from a computer and a week and a half of putting my attention back to the business, I'm back.

So much to share and so many pretty pictures taken.

I think I'll just give you a photo stream of my adventures.

A day ready for shopping. Mummy and me.

Out for breakfast.

My beautiful Mummy.

Hanging out at Forest Chase while mum shopped away.

I love this random feel.

Boxing day sales.

London Court

If it wasn't 35 degrees, I thought I'd be somewhere else.

Walking the Perth streets.

A self portrait.

After a big day shopping we need to stop for a drink.

A little overexposed but Mum's attempt at snapping me.

Just pondering.

A balmy Perth summer night.

A day at the beach equals a random find. I love that about Perth, just like a big country town. Randomly seeing friends on the beach.

The old stomping ground.

I love 3 hr lunches with me girls.

We have some new additions to our group.

They're very cute.

Off to Rotto with my bro.

Clearly he loves being in front of the camera...

The simple pleasures. No seafood in my country town. Well not fresh anyway.

Home again, home again.

It was hot.

This is just the beginning. There will be more. Hope you enjoy the 'series' shall we call it.

One thing I definitely learnt though way that this accidental country girl is surely now a country girl.

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  1. What a hot mumma you have & sista I have. Arent we lucky :)))