Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It rained and it will rain again.

I have learnt a lot in my last 12 months of living in the country. A country town is very supportive of their farmers and I guess this could be because most of the people who shop, buy, eat, socialise in the town are in some way attached to a farming company. Everyone feels it and no one talks about it when it rains.

Farmers love rain, but only at certain times of the year. When the crop is sown or is growing, rain is liquid gold or as I learnt when I was in Ireland, liquid sunshine. Rain at this time of year means more crop, more to harvest and more money. I actually learnt to real meaning as to why farmers love the rain at this time of the year, it means days off work, counter lunches (lunches at the pub with other farmers who also have nothing to do) and a big old yarn about crop. Luckily I also get to experience this because I generally have time off during the day so I also love a bit of rain.

Unfortunately when it is time to harvest the crop, rain is the worst thing you could imagine. And here for the second year running it has rained at harvest time. This is Australia in November/December and it's rain, what the? Harvest gets put off, the grade of the grain gets lowered and sometimes those grains get shot and sprung. This means this grain is only good for animal feed.

Right at harvest it rained and it rained. The crop grade has lowered but at the moment the rain has lifted. Tomorrow though, it is due to rain again. Hoping the crop can get off before the rain.

Lesson learnt, don't mention politics, religion or the rain.

 Rain, rain, rain.

More poor roses. 

When it was all over, a beautiful light.

Hope you're weather has been better than mine.


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