Monday, 12 December 2011

Remembrance II

Here I am again. Talking about remembrance.

I had a great week last week. Just had such a good vibe and everything was going along relatively smoothly. I knew Dad was around. He lets me know he is there. We he had just passed I needed a little bit of time for myself. I headed off for a walk, this might have been to purchase more chocolate... I needed it, anyways I popped my iPod on and a song was cued ready to go. The weirdest part of this is that I use my iPod all the time for music in my sessions. I had just flown from Dubbo to Perth so had been listening to music but I never wait for a song to finish, I just stop the music when I need to so the fact that a song was cued ready to go was weird enough, then I listened to the first line.

Have a listen Lisa Mitchell, See you when you get here.

It could be a bit morbid when you listen to the first line, especially after just losing your Dad.

'How do you feel about being dead? Said one to the other.
How do you feel about being lonely? Said one to the other.
She said darlin, darlin it's alright. She said darlin, darlin it's ok.
But I'll see you when you get here.'

This song gave me a great amount of comfort. Like my Dad just came to let me know he is ok. So last week while my iPod was on random, this song played quite a few times so I knew he was around. It works both ways when I want him to be around I play the song for a special moment.

I was surprised last Tuesday night. I arrived home to have found a beautiful daisy bush on my doorstep. My favourite flower is the daisy, it always has been (what can I say? I'm a girl of expensive tastes). My mum had organised the local nursery to deliver me a remembrance tree so I have a little space that I can spend with Dad, and I want to share it with you.

A little Daisy

For my Daddy little legs

Oh and look who decided she needed to be in the shot

Oh Bella

The funniest part of mum getting me a daisy bush to remember Dad is that it actually brings back another memory. Growing up we had a puppy dog called Marlee (and yes she had the exact same personality as Marley & Me). After mum and dad split she went to live with Dad on a semi rural property so all of a sudden, no fences!! She ran amok and when people would come over apparently she would bite them all (what did he do to her?). She ran out on the road following my brother and was hit by a car. When Dad buried her he told me to pick a plant we would plant on her 'grave' surprise, surprise I chose a Daisy bush. As Dad was planting it a bee stung him so he would say that she finally bit him.

Oh I have the best parents in the world.


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