Sunday, 22 January 2012

The RAW end of the deal

Our weekend, I would say was awfully productive. I really like that about Gol, he's active and busy like me.

Work Saturday morning, BBQ Saturday night which was proceeded with plenty of jobs to do and as we are heading to South Aus this week, general organisation for the week ahead.

I'll pop some photos below. I even managed to squeeze in a photo shoot with nature.

This is the only pic from the BBQ. Why? Just after everyone arrived at 6pm a massive thunder and lightning storm came through so we were all huddled inside until Gol could finally get out to cook the meat. Perfect day for a BBQ.

Gol doing his jobs. Note the dirty car in the background.

For someone who apparently hates being in my photos, I didn't even ask...

Nice wall art Gol.

Even planted a few plants before the BBQ/storm. Can you guess what the wall art is?

Hello squeaky clean car. It hadn't been cleaned since I got here, umm over a year ago!!

So I shot the windmill. I love windmills.

So country.

Roo prints.

Completely in love with this shot.

Love a rusty farm fence.

Just lovin the NSW sky.

When you can't see the forest for the trees.

Getting ready for the week (well 2 days). Just lovin those water droplets.

The water tank through the Spray rig.

So you may have known that I'm just new to photography. I was playing away with the camera again and realised this whole time I have been shooting with my camera in 'Normal' mode. So I changed to 'RAW' mode and ah you spot the difference.

From now on, in RAW mode. I wish I knew this earlier!! Please don't laugh at me.

Hildred's Garden.

Hello Scooter. Now this is love.

He's annoying isn't he Scoot?

L Ove this shot.

Well that was the weekend that was. I can't wait to show you some pics from my trip away.

See you soon.


Playing Point & Shoot with Lou.


  1. Hi, I've just popped over from point + shoot. I'm new to photography, but I'm really enjoying it! I really like your country photos...especially the fences!!

  2. Your photos are great Kel! Where is lamby?? You will have to show me "raw" mode on my