Sunday, 25 March 2012

Point + Shoot: To have and to hold

Saturday 3pm.

I snuck in quite literally to my client/friend's wedding. She invited me along to the ceremony and there was no way I was going to miss it. We were told quite defiantly by the priest that this was a sacred ceremony and not a photo shoot so I popped a few sneaky shots in, sat back and enjoyed the ceremony. You even brought a tear to my eye father.

But Jess just looked beautiful.

 To have and to hold Jess + Scott.

Playing Point + Shoot with Lou, here.


  1. Very sneaky sneaky! I love her dress - it's gorgeous :)

  2. Well that was a bit of a grumpy priest wasn't it, you're just wanting to share the love! Great pics they look really happy in love :)

  3. I know and I'm pretty sure he was looking at me when he said it, hehe. At the end he did ask if we wanted a shot of the priest with the bride so he humoured up.