Thursday, 25 April 2013

That Look

I have so much to write about but I guess I'll just start with this one.

I have had this experience a few times this week and to be honest I love it. I'm in the middle of teaching a class or a training session and I'm pushing my clients through the session. By pushing I'm not yelling at them just non-stop encouragement. I'm also trying to push myself because yes we all need a bit of motivation. And then I get that look...

It's THAT look, you know that one? The one where I know for certain that my client cannot possibly push themselves any harder. The look that tells me they are at their peak and thats where they have to stay. The look that screams at me, 'When is this going to finish? I might puke.'

And that's when I say well done. I can't do anymore than that. No I don't want you to vomit and I certainly don't want you to push yourself to injury but I want everything you have got.

In my years of experience, yes I can tell when someone is faking, telling me 'this is so hard,' but their body language and the way they do things is completely saying 'I'm lazy,' or 'I don't like to push myself.' You have got to get out of that. What changes are you going to make to your fitness or body if you sit within this no mans land? Not much. One of my favourite quotes I use is 'fatigue is your friend,' and it's so true. You need to reach fatigue in order to improve at all. I'll repeat, You need to reach fatigue in order to improve. Did you hear that?

If you don't reach fatigue you will never change and this comes from within. I can yell and scream and keep pushing you to your limits but it comes from within. It's that little voice inside that actually screams at you, 'I.Can.Do.This,' and you know what? You can. You just have to ignore that voice inside that tells you to stop. Until you can't physically keep going, you can't breathe or your body will no longer move, You Can Do It.

And when you get that look, I know you're there.

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